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Our company specializes in manufacturing coffee grinding machines that use chilled rolls as well as other equipment designed for the roasted and ground coffee industry.

ICMELC Indústria e Comércio Ltda., set a primary goal at the beginning of its activities: producing industrial-scale grinders and chilled rolls, machinery that was to be based on a daring self-designed project, and that quickly became the newest, most efficient system for coffee grinding, guaranteeing complete product quality.

We are Brazilian pioneers in the field, and our grinders did not take long to become established in the domestic market, making the ICMELC system a standard to be followed. Our equipment makes obtaining ground coffee of incomparable quality possible, and also provides for greater advantages for a better price. From the start, our company has been making the best and most widely used grinders in the country; in fact, most of the country’s ground coffee goes through a ICMELC grinder.

High TecnologyWith the creation of generation III grinders, currently the ICMELC 6.R line, our horizons have expanded, and the increase in demand for exports has led us to sell our equipment with great success in several other countries throughout Latin America, Asia and elsewhere.

We manufacture the ICMELC Super 060.4RE, a small model roller grinder (without chilled rolls), made especially for supermarkets or coffee shops, a machine designed for on-the-spot grinding, preserving all of the coffee bean’s qualities in the ground coffee, with the same quality and granulometry obtained in an industrial ICMELC 6.R model grinder.

We currently carry a special line of grinders called Inox. The Inox line is designed for the more demanding international markets and is available for the Brazilian one as well; in the Inox line machines, every part that comes in contact with the product is made of or covered in 100% sanitary stainless steel; we also make in stainless steel versions of the other equipment available in our product lines, such as silos, augers, self-cleaning rotary sifters, etc. Contact us!

In 2004 we developed and launched the industrial ICMELC granulator line, with a view to meeting the needs of the soluble coffee sector. Our granulators were developed using our own technology and internationally looked upon, which resulted in immediate sales after being launched worldwide.

We also manufacture a line of semi-automatic equipment for the vacuum packaging of coffee and other products. Our line includes four models of vacuum sealers and one compactor model for pre-formatting packages that will be vacuum-sealed.

ICMELC, the Brazilian force in coffee grinding processes with total quality.

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